Q1. What is the submission criteria for sites featured on OXP's Gallery?

We usually only approve beautiful websites written in XHTML/HTML5/CSS (tableless). We also prioritize websites with beautiful design, and those using the latest development techniques such as Responsive Web Design. Don’t worry if the website is not fully compliant.

Q2. Why are you charging for submission?

Due to the influx of submissions and in order to ensure the quality of websites displayed for our viewers, we decided to charge a small fee only for approved submissions. The fee will also be used to maintain the gallery.

Q3. How much does it cost to submit a site and what are the available payment options?

It'll cost just $12 to submit a site to our gallery. The current payment option is via PayPal.

Q4. Why submit your site and how can you promote it further?

Having a beautiful site is of no use if you do not have the visitors to appreciate it. Submitting to our gallery ensures that your time and hard-work spent on creating your beautiful site gets the needed exposure to thousands of viewers. We also offer additional ways to double the exposure by means of social promoting and a featured section. Do check out the available options at the item listing.

Additionally, submitting to our gallery increases your chance of being featured on other sites as most of them use submission galleries to source inspiration. We also occasionally, handpick approved sites in our gallery to be included in articles on Onextrapixel and in our newsletters.

Q5. What will the Tweet and Facebook content be about?

We will be adding a description for your submission when posting via Twitter or Facebook. The content will usually highlight the trade of your site, design or other remarkable aspect of your site.

Q6. Does it mean that when I have paid for the submission, my site will be definitely be accepted? What if my submission is rejected?

It is not guaranteed that when you purchase a site listing, it will be definitely accepted. It will still have to undergo our guidelines and regulations. If your submission is rejected, your payment will be refunded.

Q7. How and when will the refund be made?

If your submission has been rejected, the payment will be refunded to your PayPal account within 3 working days. You should received notification from PayPal about the refund. Do note that strictly no refund will be made after your submission has been published.

Q8. How long will my submission last

Accepted submissions are life-long, and each additional promotion will be one time only, eg: Facebook listing, Tweet. The featured section option (on the home page) lasts for 7 days.

Q9. What type of websites will not be featured?

Any website with defamatory, racist, violent or pornographic material will be rejected. Affiliated, duplicated and malicious sites will also not be accepted. Please also follow the criteria stated in each form field to avoid your submission being rejected. Sites with broken links, plagiarized content, poor design, errors and link farms will also be rejected.

Q10. Who can submit a site?

Anyone can submit a site to our gallery. You do not need to be the owner or designer of the website.

Q11. I have made a submission, but it's not appearing in the gallery?

Please allow up to 5 working days for your submission to appear in our gallery as we need to review them. If your submission has not appeared after 5 days, it may have been rejected. You can re-submit if you follow the instructions carefully.

Q12.Will I get a notification if my submission has been accepted?

Yes. We will notify you if your submission has been accepted.

Q13. My submission was not approved. Can I know why and how can I submit again?

I'm sorry if your submission was not approved. Please refer to Q8 for what type of submissions will not be accepted. If you have re-designed your site, feel free to re-submit. Please do not spam.

Q14. My site has been featured in your gallery however the screenshot/information is wrong.

We would strongly encourage you to check your submission carefully before hitting the submit button. If you realize that there are errors or things doesn't appear as they should, do contact us and let us know. Do note submissions may be edited and moderated.

Q15. Q. Why has my published submission been removed?

In order to ensure that all the submission links are valid, we do regularly check and clean up. Any submission with links that were found broken, with error or down, may be removed temporarily or until the site is back to normal.

Q16. If my site has been featured in another gallery, can I still submit here?

Yes, we welcome submissions even if they have been featured elsewhere. The more exposure for your site, the better right?

Q17. I have redesigned my site, can I re-submit?

You need not submit again via the contact form. Just contact us and attached the updated screen-shot and we will update it for you.

Q18. How can I speed up the ‘Submit’ process?

Please follow the guidelines and instructions carefully. By reading this FAQs, you can be almost sure that your submission process will be a breeze.

Q19. I have read these FAQs, what should I do now?

Thank you for reading. If you still cannot find the answers you need. Get in touch with us via the contact form. Otherwise, start submitting now!